Email Marketing Meets Synaptic Intelligence

How intelligence-driven personalization is increasing click-through rate and open rate results

With over 125 billion emails sent every hour and 20% of marketers relying on email as their business' primary revenue source, marketers must work harder and harder to get their message head. "Personalization" has been heralded as the next-generation solution for increasing email campaign performance for the last 20 years. The problem is that most of today's tools are not personal at all.

Nara Logics takes a new, more effective approach to email marketing personalization.

In this white paper we will discuss:

  • the growing pain of personalization that email marketers are facing
  • how Nara Logics uses neuroscience-based synaptic intelligence to adaptively connect content (products, messages, offers) to customers
  • an analysis of click-through rate and open rate results for emailed restaurant recommendations
  • a comparison of our platform results to the popular collaborative filtering approach to email marketing personalization

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